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Power and Peace of Mind
of an i+CONNECTed™ Healthy Home

Creating the Right Environment for You

Remote and autonomous monitoring and control of an i+CONNECTed healthy home™ means you have the freedom to focus on the people and priorities in your life. You hold the power to create the ambiance that fits your lifestyle with the functions that make your life better. And you enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are informed, protected, and in control of your environment.

Core Systems

Monitor and control of temperature, lighting, appliances, window coverings.


Security cameras, motion sensors, door and window status and locks, baby and child monitoring, fire alert.


Audio/visual control, home theatre, ambiance lighting, fireplace, pool status.


Track and control energy usage, house, solar, landscaping, pool. Proactive response to water leaks.


Track diet, exercise (physical and mental, through electronic games), sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, and more. Communicate with health professionals.

Age in Place

Remote monitoring and tracking of health indicators and activities of the elderly and ill, so they can stay longer in their own home.

home automation


Remote entry and exit functions, GPS, geo tagging, home/automobile synching, resource and maintenance tracking.

Information Management

Store and retrieve information relevant to your life in multiple image and document formats.

Virtual Concierge

Schedule recommended vendors for personal and household needs from dog walkers to electricians.

Set the Scene by Voice or Touch

An i+CONNECTed™ healthy home offers sophisticated functions with easy-to-use controls by voice, wall controls, computer or wireless device. Commands are defined that initiate a series of actions from a variety of components for common and occasional activities in your home. These pre-set scenarios accomplish in seconds, routines that require valuable time to perform individually, manually, or were previously impossible to handle remotely. Functions can also be controlled individually as needed.

Good Morning!

Adjust temperature settings in advance of wake up time, gradually brighten bedroom lights, open window coverings, turn on the radio or television to pre-selected channel, brew coffee.

Party Time

Turn on walkway and backyard lighting, set interior mood lighting, turn off security system, stream music throughout home, turn on gas fireplace, set appropriate temperature.

On Vacation

Turn on maximum security routines including surveillance camera recording, engage maximum energy-saving modes for temperature and energy usage, use variable programmed lighting, randomly open and close window coverings, intermittently turn music off and on, send alerts if water leak, fire, or motion around house detected by system.

Guide Activities and Check on Mom and Dad

Monitor results of scheduled activities with guidances from "electronic games" for physical exercise and balance (eg. Yoga and Tai Chi), and mental exercise (eg. Lumosity and other brain activity, knowledge, and health games).

Set home systems at remote residence, receive alert if bed is not vacated by set time, receive alert if medications not taken at prescribed times, receive alert if not answering phone, receive report and notify health care provider if health indicators out of range.

Better Living for Everyone

Contemporary homebuyers want to protect their families with i+CONNECTed™ healthy home safety and security features. Millennials, who now purchase one third of homes, are most interested in i+CONNECTed™ healthy home lifestyle features like controlling environment ambiance and automating appliance use.

Baby boomers, caregivers, and health advocates are excited by the ability to monitor personal wellness and allow ill and elderly loved ones to enjoy optimum quality of life through care and aging in place. Ecologically conscious consumers love the green and regenerative features an i+CONNECTed™ healthy home offers.

How will you make your life better?



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