The personal i+CONNECTion™
between collectors and artists.

Bringing Clients into the Gallery

The experience of viewing and purchasing art is transformed with an understanding of the artist's story, thought process, and technique. Virtual introductions to artists, their studios, methods, and portfolios, complemented with live online consultations, provide profound i+CONNECTIONS™ between galleries, collectors and artists. Art viewers have the opportunity to understand the art and its underlying purpose and perspective in real-time — something never before possible. The art buying process becomes more personal and meaningful, and attracts contemporary buyers who expect a deeper level of information and connection with the people and purchases they choose in their lives.

Introduce Artist

Video of artist discussing her background, motivation, thought process, and technique.

Demonstrate Technique

Observe artist in his environment creating art. Video presentation allows artist to choose what to share.

Available Works

View onsite and offsite selection of artist's portfolio, available works, description, and pricing.

Tour Studio

View video or photographic tour of artist studio or other work environment and preferred tools.

Résumé, Bio & Statement

View traditional artist information including résumé of exhibitions, awards, bio, and personal statement.

Talk with the Artist

Talk directly with the artist or gallery consultant during posted studio or gallery hours.

home automation

Choose Frame

View artwork in a variety of complementary matting and framing choices and select preferred options.

Shopping Cart

Purchasing, shipping, and inventory can be handled by system. Automated payment or referral to gallery staff for sale completion.

Gallery i+CONNECTions™

Galleries can choose to connect with selected gallery partners or specific artists to increase available inventory.

When fully engaged with an artist and his work, art lovers become advocates seeking to interact, share and collect.

Using Technology to Be More Personal

In its best uses, technology reveals lives and thoughts that were never before accessible, transforms isolated existence into shared personal experiences.

Choosing art for your catalog, collection, or home is deeply personal, often inscrutable. How or why a certain piece of art touches your heart, stops you mid-track, or envelopes you in feelings cannot be fully grasped with words. Seeing and hearing an artist talk about and create their work enlightens your understanding of why you were drawn to certain pieces.

There are no set answers — only questions, reverie, and meditation. It is the discussion, the exchange, the exploration itself that holds the imagination. Where there are clear cut answers, you can be satisfied and move on. Where there are questions that lead to more questions — this becomes a lifelong quest.

i+CONNECTed™ | arts expands the discussion. Join the quest.



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