1120 Stillwater Drive

miami beach, florida

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Incredible Self-Sustaining Home

The idea was to build a home with unique architectural concepts with purpose. This fully-sustainable home may seem all too modern, but every angle has a purpose to it. It might be to catch rainwater or fully receive sunlight, whether to light up the home or water the garden. Yes, in the photo above, that’s a 16-foot high waterfall from the top of the garage, as seen from the street. All rooftop rainwater is captured and stored in a large tank and used to refresh the circulation waterfall and irrigate the landscape.

16611 South Pacific Avenue, Sunset Beach, CA

Your Luxury Retreat

Besides cutting down on costs and helping the environment, being in a peaceful place with a spectacular view inspires us to live off the grid. Now, you don’t have to live like a hermit to do this, because you can still enjoy modern amenities in a self-sustainable home such as this.

Off The Grid

This home is designed to be a LEED+ zero net energy dwelling which generates its own electricity and water so that, if necessary, it can be off the grid.


The home is built to Miami-Dade hurricane standards, and has a garage with a safe room designed to withstand 200 mph winds.

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